Tetelestai Leather Keychain

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It Is Finished. — Yeshua

What does Tetelestai mean? It means “It is Finished”!

....What is finished?

Those were the last words spoken by Jesus, He said: "It is Finished", all of our sins have been paid in full. 

Tetelestai 33AD “Message Bracelets” are a practical way to share the good news of the Gospel with many people. The fun part is that you never have to start the conversation. Just wear the bracelet and wait until someone asks…”What is Tetelestai?”…Simply answer…it means “It is Finished”.
If they ask, “What’s finished?”, tell them those are the last words spoken by Jesus on the cross.

He said: “It is Finished” all of our sins have been paid in full (John 19:30).

33AD, on the back of the bracelet, represents the approximate year that Jesus died.

Many people love the Lord; however, few ever share the Gospel, mainly because they do not know how to start the conversation. These bracelets have become very popular amongst teens and young adults.

Tetelestai is a mysterious word that intrigues both believers and non-believers.